Do’s and Don’ts

Parent Can Help The School

  • Avoid meeting their wards or the teachers in the class rooms during the school hours.
  • Ensure punctuality, regularity & discipline of their ward.
  • Make sure that their ward attends the school in neat, tidy and proper uniform.
  • Check bags, diary of their wards everyday and see that the home work and other instructions given to them are attended properly. Also check and countersign all circulars / invitations and notes given to them.
  • Inform the school when there is a change in address and phone number.
  • Avoid taking leave for half day for heir ward during to security reasons.
  • Do not send children to school when they are sick.
  • All communications must be addressed to the Principal.
  • Take care, not to send their ward with Mobile Phones, Video Games, I-pods, Motorbikes and valuables such as costly wrist watch or jewellery in the school.